Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tabular review: The Angels take Manhattan

Hi, and welcome to a new style of review.  I don't know if it works, or even if it's worth persisting with, but my opinions on The Angels take Manhattan are much more easily bloggable if I just make a table with positives and negatives.  If two asterisks are  next to a "cool" or "not cool" line item, it's because they were very cool - or very not cool - as the case may be.  Three makes it oustanding - or cringeworthy.

So, here we go: the first tabular review of The Angels take Manhattan, and possibly Doctor Who history.

Not Cool
River Song – her best appearance ever**
The Angels take Manhattan
Amy's farewell
Statue of Liberty Angel**
Amy & Rory's rooftop scene***
Time can't be rewritten if it's documented
Angel's battery farm concept
Cherubs in Grayle's basement – uh?**
Michael McShane in Doctor Who
Wanton regeneration energy use**

Angels reverting to type from Blink***


Visit1935 without meeting famous historical figure (statue not included)


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